Kala Creations was founded in 1981 by Sadbhuja das. He has lived as full time monk in India for the past 16 years, and devoted his life to spiritualism and charity work in rural Nadia West Bengal India.

Nadia is famous for it art, it dates back centuries. Most of these artists come from in a line of families that date back that far in time where art is a tradition that is handed dawn from their parents to their
children. It is something that has developed for generations. The artists are born with this unique talent, and art becomes a natural flow for them, where the whole family participates in the same profession.

Our artists are particularly talented at producing unique originals and reproductions of high quality. Sadbhuja das has personally trained more than 400 local artists upto date to a very high International standard of art.

Each painting is treated as an original work and we guarantee no mass production. Our selective work gives you, our customer, a distinct advantage over any other commercial works of art. We use very high quality cotton canvas and our English "Waton" oil colours guarantee excellent colour durability.

Orders are confidentially dealt with and we boast customer satisfaction from all over the world.

Your patronage of Kala Creations means you are supporting local village cottage industries in India and giving artists an opportunity to practice their ability.